It is with heavy heart, but abundant caution that we share we will once again suspend our in-person summer program to assist our partners with volunteer help.
With the continuing process of containing the pandemic, and the reality that many organizations are still recovering both financially and logistically, the ability for our program to operate effectively is not yet possible.
However, as we pray and hope that our world will continue to heal, and new information will afford us the best practices to move forward with direct relational ministry programs and partnerships, we are planning to resume our summer program in July 2022.
Please save these dates for this opportunity to partner again with us – as we so desire to provide a great program for you again next year!
July 10- 15, 2022

However in an effort to keep our Encounter Family engaged in the vision and mission of Encounter the Gospel of Life, we have developed a Service Grant program to help our parishes/schools/groups to continue to serve others this summer, especially in their own communities or with some of the service programs we work with each summer.

The premise is simple: Each parish/school/group/family who wishes to assist those in need this summer, whether it be in person (if allowed by local/church/organization authorities) or remotely is invited to apply to Encounter the Gospel of Life for a grant to help fund a project for this purpose. There is no limitation to the creativity of the service, and we are extending the opportunity to apply for grant through 2021. The grants can be up to $1000* each to assist with necessary supplies for the service. EGL can also provide some limited supplies, non-profit contacts and connect your parish group to the sites we partner with each summer or help with ideas for service.  Ideally our goal is to help our youth and young adults to stay connected to each other, and continue to serve especially in these uncertain times.

The requirements include: Name of parish/group; contact person; purpose of your project/program; population/organization it will serve; potential number of youth/young adults/adults/families who will participate; and estimated budget. Funding will be awarded to each group after a brief review of the request. Following the project, a simple report will need to be completed and returned to EGL. PHOTOS encouraged and welcomed!

*Grants are limited to one per parish/group, and up to $1000, unless there are funds still available and/or until we are able to meet again in person.

NOTE: Participation in this program is at the discretion of the parish/group/school. All transportation, coordination, permissions, liabilities, decisions are the parish/groups/school responsibility. EGL, Inc. is acting solely as a referral for service, providing minimal support to the parish/group/school to assist in the implementation of service.


EGL Service Grant Application

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