Music Ministry

Music Ministry is a site group that is formed specifically to engage young singers and musicians who are not a part of Houseband, and help them learn how to use their gifts in liturgical and social settings. During the week of Encounter, Music Ministry will learn songs, psalms, singing techniques and more as pertains to both our liturgy each day and in group social settings. They will lead the EGL participants in liturgy at Mass every morning, learning and understanding how music in liturgy expands our ability to pray. In service to others,   Music Ministry is unique in that they get to travel to various sites (Little Sisters of the Poor, Little Friends for Peace, UCP and more) to entertain and engage in music as a social medium.  This interaction with several groups educates our young musicians in the ways they can use their gifts to interact with anyone, in any setting and become one with each other.

Music Ministry differs from House Band in that it is for the week of Encounter only – House Band is a ministry that is year round.

Music Ministry is for YOUTH participants who are already somewhat trained in their specific instrument: singing, guitar, flute, horns, violins, keyboard etc. Instruments are NOT provided, although a keyboard may be available for use. Instruments should be portable enough to take to sites for use. Participants should be aware of the nature of this site, and if interested, can contact Mike Tenney prior to camp to discern if this site is appropriate for them. It is a limited site group and final decision on participants will be made by EGL staff.

To suggest a registered participants name for Music Ministry – please use this link: MUSIC/ADVOCACY MINISTRY