Service Camps

This is not your typical service camp. Our focus is on “Direct-Relational” ministry opportunities, where you will actually work with and get to know the people you serve. We believe that we will be served by the individuals that we came to serve, as we encounter Christ in his ‘distressing disguise’.

Our sites will include places like homeless shelters, soup kitchens, children’s day camps, senior and special care settings and possibly a few legislative and advocacy sites. You will get to know the people who actually work at these places everyday. If you ever want to go to visit or volunteer in the future, it would be easy to.

We also celebrate our diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Each of us brings a unique perspective to life because of our cultural heritage, families, life-experiences, hurts and dreams. We are all part of the Body of Christ. It is important that we celebrate what is special and unique in each of us so that we might do a better job of sharing Christ with our world.

Before and during the Encounter Experience, you will have the opportunity to be challenged by scripture and by Catholic Social Teaching. Look inside yourself. This is certainly not an ordinary retreat or work camp. This will require more from you than you expect. It will demand more from you than you might think you can give. But, if you are serious about your faith, your own baptismal call and our Gospel Message, this will exceed your expectations.

We stay at University of Maryland, College Park. Each day, after breakfast and a morning reflection, we will be out at service sites in Washington, D.C. assisting people in need. After dinner, we will have fantastic speakers along with fun, music, sharing, laughter, drama, challenging sessions, prayer and learning with new friends from all over our area and around the country.

Encounter the Gospel of Life Inc. is a private non-profit 501-c3 organization in the Roman Catholic tradition. Our leadership is comprised of many volunteer and professional youth ministers.