Documents & Forms


All Participants

  • PARTICIPANT REGISTRATION – (this will open in March for those who have reserved space and paid deposits)
  • PARTICIPANTS-(PDF) who is a participant: Y-youth, YA- young adult, A- Adult, Special Participants all defined
  • Missing Forms – (PDF) if you lose your original paper medical form or registration form
  • Packing-Rules-and-Safety-(PDF) this is for all participants


Group Leaders

  • Encounter the Gospel of Life Manual 17 (updated manual coming soon)
  • Group Reservation Form – currently Group Reservations will open mid-February. Please email if you wished to be placed on the email list
  • Youth Protection Compliance Affidavit and Waiver (PDF) – ALL parishes must submit this in order to participate
  • Lunches – parishes are asked to provide lunch materials for participants
  • EGL Music/Advocacy Ministry Suggestions – Parish/Group leaders – please use this form to suggest registered participants for our Music Ministry or our Advocacy Ministry – both groups have specific criteria for participants – and your help is needed to identify youth.
  • LITURGY/PRAYER –  Parish/Group sign up for prayer time, Mass roles (daily)
  • PRIESTS FOR RECONCILIATION – Please enter priests you believe would be interested in assisting with reconciliation on Wednesday evening of Encounter. Please be sure to personally invite them as well!

Encounter Adult Participants


  • Adult formation meetings: All adult participants need to attend at least one session prior to attending Encounter. We hope to have interactive web participation.
  • Adult leader packet 2020
  • Afternoon Chaperon – pick which spot you will be for free time (this is for all free time chaperons including adult participants and other adult volunteers)
  • Driving to Sites – we use cars and busses for transport. We need to know if you can drive and with what kind of vehicle. Even if you DO NOT wish to drive, please fill this out!
  • Site Choices – note that veterans should pair with new chaperons please; all assignments are subject to approval/change
  • Sites Encounter 2020 – Site Descriptions FOR all information about sites – contact

Volunteers- non participant